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Dimitry Devdariani theatre director
Dimitry Devdariani theatre director
The Prophesy
The Prophesy
Goodge Steet Theatre's entry to the Stars of Albion festival

In the renowned literary saloon of Countess Volkonskaya everyone has their own opinion on Pushkin. Lot's of the saloon's visitors know the great Russian poet personally, but some of them blame him for certain wrong doings. His name gets cleared by a mysterious guest of Volkonskaya, fashionable French psychic and fortune teller. This mystic manages not only to crack the puzzles of the past, but sees the future with equal ease. With her assistance astounded lovers of literature are given an opportunity to get a feel of a shocking future, where ladies don't wear gloves and gentlemen have given up on their bushy sideburns.

Tatiana Dittrich's short play is the final piece in her highly original triptich about Alexander Pushkin's contemporaries. This play manages to astonish, entertain and stir every possible human emotion in just under ten pages.

This summer we were lucky enough to present this unusial work twice: once at Rossotrudnitshestvo (on Pushkin's birthday), and then at the festival, Stars of Albion. Due to the extremely hard work and selfless dedication of the cast members (Goodge Street Theatre) the production won second place in the drama/theatre category.

I would like to congratulate Tatiana Dittrich and all the troupe of Goodge Street Experimental theatre on this big theatrical victory!

Special thanks to Evgenia Terentieva, amazing musician and creator of the festival for her invitation and encouragement.

The cast: Yelena Orlovich, Zinaida Kirk, Leonidas Plavko, Leonid Kara, Natasha Khirom, Lina Kriutshkova, Vladimir Filimonov, Larissa Volkova, Anna Grinevich, Sheila Zakharevskaya, Sabrina Savenkova (harp)

Written by Tatiana Dittrich
Directed by Dimitry Devdariani
Lighting by Julien Bernard-Grau

Performed at Rossotrudnitshestvo and Richmond Community College (for Stars of Albion Festival) in June 2017.

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The Prophesy The Prophesy The Prophesy The Prophesy The Prophesy The Prophesy
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Dimitry Devdariani theatre director
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