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Valentino — Out of Frame!  

What we see inside the film frame is a beautified, altered picture of reality; a glamourised image of an actor's life, appearance, persona.

The era of silent cimema is an art form in its infancy. It had no sound and no colour, and yet all the main characteristics of film as a separate art form emerged from there, as did the concept of a screen idol, the smouldering hero that later would be labelled as a sex symbol.

His career was incredible; his reputation at times scandalous and his looks, dazzling. But was the actual man behind the screen legend happy? Was he ever satisfied with his life? Was he loved?

Valentino — Out of Frame! is attempting to answer these questions in a somewhat unorthodox and imaginative way. What would Rudolph Valentino say to his audience had he gained a voice; if silent cinema hadn't been so silent?

Performed at the Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall, London
on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June 2023.
With thanks to Gurmani Restaurant for supporting this production.


Valentino — Out of Frame!
The following comments were submitted by audience members

Devdariani's Valentino: Beyond the Frame

Camellias, so precious, so delicate, so vivacious. Giles Guillain graciously put a vase of flowers on my table, before I realised the epic performance he was about to give, in a space of no more than 4 x 4 metres at most, transforming this into his psychic brain cavity - his raw consciousness between the worlds we all inhabit - but mostly out of tangible reach.

Supper comes with a cat in the Teahouse Theatre. A new venue for me behind the low thunder of the tube on the Victoria line, behind the grim urinals outside Vauxhall station. I arrived before sunset, and the shadows gradually crept into this enticing complex of facades, plenty of eye candy to engage with before the main menu.

Across the floor from me a long table, akin to the Mad Hatter's, piled high with sumptuous cakes and plates of fruit, with moving characters in slow rotation. VICTORY lies in the KITCHEN, a draped tea towel proclaimed, but on reflection I think not, it may reside in the teapots. Or better still, in the mesmerising magic of Dimitry's pen, which I even sought under one of the imposing bell jars, offering comparable ingredients for the refined palette.

Valentino's life has something of the knowledge of Franz Mesmer, a contemporary of his; the subtle flavour of Pasolini's Teorema; yet also of the passionate asexuality of Lawrence of Arabia. The far-reaching impact of his performances in the era of silent film stands in stark contrast to the inner turbulence he obviously felt, as a unique character on a trajectory cut short before he could ultimately realise the full spectrum of his talents.

… And so with remarkable sensitivity, Devdariani has created a poignant cameo of this iconic actor … a household name rooted in so many hearts, yet so alone in his personal cutting-edge interpretation of gender and relationship. We all struggle to identify what love really is, and how to express ourselves in the theatre of life.

How Guillain manages to flawlessly execute this role is nothing less than a miracle. Emerging clad in the seductive Arab attire from Valentino's final performance, we are riveted by the choreography of his musings, like puffs of steam in the ether. Self-criticism dances parallel with assured self-esteem, as he vocalises for the first time the petals of his personality, still trapped, this time in limbo.

What impressed me most is the candour, the modesty, the tenderness of this character, so masterly drawn out by the playwright. Nothing to lose in Purgatory, all can be exposed. The cosmic mirror is many faceted and must be consulted ingenuously. The makeup is off, the veils ripped away.

This is a drama to serve any era, with archetypal elements at play. Congratulations to all involved!



Bravo, Dimitry! Fresh concept, beautiful writing, great message of Love! It all worked! A wonderful exploration of Valentino's life and the meaning of it. We really enjoyed the performance! Bravo, Gilles! Subtle and bold… Intense and tender.. Torn and determined.. Valentino's spirit is actually so human! No, he isn't a perfect star.. he is like anyone of us.. doubts, regrets, hopes, fears… It was fun being one of the voices. Thank you !



Hi Friends I went to see Dimitri's play last night which he wrote himself about Rudolf Valentino at The Tea House It was superb - a stroke of genius! The acting was brilliant too. I was mesmerised all the way through it to the end. It must go on to the wider public so all can see this marvelous production. Congratulations to Dimitri for writing and directing such a wonderful piece of dramatic art. Bravo for more to come.


Dimitry Devdariani theatre director
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