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Dimitry Devdariani theatre director
Dimitry Devdariani theatre director

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Coming in November 2017...
By Tatiana Dittrich
Yet another project with the gifted troupe of Goodge Street Experimental Theatre; a play about Russian revolution and the human bonds broken & severed by it.
Lynn Ruth Miller  
Strength mixed with fragility, thirst for life and a never-failing sense of humour and a generous, loving heart...

If you are well familiar with the London Fringe scene, I'm sure you already guessed who am I talking about. Of course, it's the one and only Lynn Ruth Miller!

I've been lucky enough to know Lynn Ruth for ten years and for all this time we have cherished one artistic dream — to stage a show based on her life.

It won't necessarily be a comedic one, but a production which would reflect on the ups and downs of Lynn's long and rich life, without shying away even from some of it's most painful moments.

In that show laughter would be mixed with tears and all other numerous emotions that weave the tapestry of human life. It wouldn't be a cabaret, or a laugh out loud evening, but one that would cause the audience to truly feel, think and reflect.

A few years ago we were able to create a radio version of this idea. True, it was always meant for stage, but radio theatre with its huge variety of sound effects and pauses gave it a whole new perspective. Now, however, finally, it feels like the time is right for our idea to materialize on stage.

So, please, wish us luck and watch this space, as they say!

Lynn Ruth Miller
Dimitry Devdariani theatre director
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Dimitry Devdariani theatre director